About Us

What We Do

Fidelis has had the honor of collaborating with Fortune 100 companies on local and regional marketing promotions in the Chicago-land area. Our experience on the ground means we’re a powerful asset for your business’s campaigns and publicity efforts.

Like a fine suit, every service offered to Fidelis’ clients are finely tailored based on specific products and targets. For strong and consistent performance that’ll leap out at you from a spreadsheet and engaging communication that brings a smile to customers’ faces, choose us for your new and current product promotions.


Diversity: An Equal Playing Ground

Fidelis Enterprises isn’t like other firms that recruit solely based on a person’s abilities in sales, marketing and lead generation. We are an equal opportunity employer, and as such, with every vacancy that opens – both for new recruits and promotions – we assess a person’s qualifications based on their experience, achievements, and work ethic. It’s a simple approach that creates a tight-knit team. Plus, we provide a wonderful work atmosphere conducive to those who regard family as a priority, who generate their own motivation and who love a bit of competition.

Fidelis Enterprises Values

Here at Fidelis, we hold firmly to our values: as people and as a company. The values we endorse are as follows:

  • Stand and fall by your word
  • Set your own goals to become your own boss
  • Success is a choice
  • Complacency is not an option
  • With leadership, you reap what you sow